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Infertility is a common medical condition among couples and individuals alike. There are many reasons for infertility. The times have changed, we are now living in a new generation, so to treat infertile patients with superstitious stigma and taboos is something we take very seriously. It is with this vision that we have established many fertility training centers so that no one has to go through the unhealthy suffering of not being able to bear a child.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre has a vision, and that vision is to see fertility training take significant ground in the field of medical science. People ignore infertility and even lose their hope thinking that bearing a child is not something they are blessed with. But this is absolutely something that one should not do. Losing hope is never an option when you have the choice in front of you. Making infertility treatment known to everyone is what ARC International Fertility & Research Centre is dedicated to. We feel that once you are aware of the options available before you, you will start to take the benefits of those options.

We have checked the market and found that there are very less training centers in India; and when there are so few training centers, how will the country be able to produce quality doctors for treating infertility? So, we have taken the initiative to make infertility training facilities a reality. So that when you become a victim of this condition, you don’t have to worry to find a doctor as they will be near you, helping you through the process.

Training future doctors have become our priority so that the educated and the competent doctors that will come out of our center will bear all the skills needed to treat your infertility. We have seen that many of the practicing Gynecologists lack the basic knowledge on infertility and related medical treatments as this is a comparatively new field. We train our doctors with the best treatments and the latest medical advancements so that when you visit them in the future, you will get the best treatment possible.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre takes care of another primary side of infertility treatment, Infertility Training Institute, and that is the subsequent workup of the couples. Infertility treatments come with a lot of emotional and psychological stress. This is particularly harmful to the relationship of the couple. We at Arc International Fertility & Research Centre know that and we train our doctors to handle the situation accordingly. We make care a priority and without care no treatment is successful. When the doctors are trained with us, they receive the same knowledge and hence, apply the quality care and concern in their treatment, making it easier for the couple to cope up with the situation.

We aim to spread infertility specialized doctors all around India, so that they can treat your condition and hopefully, rather we are sure, that they will be able to remove the stigma attached to infertility.

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"

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