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Age has changed and so has the treating procedures of infertility. In this new age infertility is not a matter of concern anymore. With the advent of medical science the treatments available for infertility has expanded beyond proportion. Childlessness should not make you sad and depressed. Rather you should work towards getting yourself the right treatment of infertility and make your physical condition suitable for getting a child through various procedures. It has become that simple. You just need the right help.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre is dedicated to the mission of providing all kinds of care to the cause infertility among couples. India is the home to the second highest number of infertile couples in the world, next to China. Infertility is a concern of utmost seriousness especially because it takes a huge emotional toll on the couple. It sometimes even leads to the break-up of the marriage. Is this really what you want? Solutions are not that easy to find, only if you look at the right place.

Arc International Fertility & Research Centre has created a healthy atmosphere for the young generation and the upcoming gynecologists who are still in the process of learning. This is the ideal opportunity for them to nourish their enthusiasm in infertility training and gain enough knowledge that they will finally be able to flourish in their respective infertility research field. That is the promise of Arc International Fertility & Research Centre as we are consumed in giving the best training that is possible. Our dedication will lead to the creation of a new batch of well trained and well-educated infertility doctors, and India needs them the most.

Infertility has become a major concern for young couples. As people are getting more educated they are learning about the options that are available to them. Arc International Fertility & Research Centre is there to guide you through that process. With the advanced medical response that we have, we can educate the doctors-in-training about all the latest medical improvements in infertility like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures. The options are wide; you just need the right person to help you through the process. And Arc International Fertility & Research Centre is your ultimate choice.

“Experience the Miracle” is what we have set as our motto. And once you get attached to us, you will see how appropriate that is. We have made it our responsibility to remove any stigma attached to infertility. It is a common problem, and there should be no shame attached to this medical condition. We train our doctors to handle their patient with care and to make them comfortable. As when you are cared for and made to feel comfortable, your body will react best to the treatments. So, don’t worry that you can’t produce a child naturally because, with our training facility, we produce quality doctors that will be able to treat your condition with the care that you need. And we are so proud of our doctors!

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"

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