fertility training center chennai


  1. Past, present and Future of ART
  2. Overview of IVF and different ART procedures
  3. Patient selection and preparation for IVF
  4. Role of Counseling
  5. Ovarian stimulation
  6. Ovum pickup and Embryo transfer procedures
  7. Complications related to ART
  8. Setting up of an ART lab
  9. Tour of center (Andrology lab, IVF Operation theatre, Embryology lab)
  10. Role of Laparoscopy in ART
  11. Role of Hysteroscopy in ART
  12. Observations in Lab-Semen preparation/egg pick up/IUI/embryo transfer
  13. Endocrinology in ART/Ovarian reserve testing
  14. Different stimulation protocols
  15. Oocyte selection/embryo grading 4/8/Blastocyst
  16. USG/Follicular Monitoring
  17. Male fertility Overview
  18. Surgical procedures in Male Infertility
  19. Advanced embryo procedures: ICSI/IMSI/LAH/Embryo biopsy/Poloscope/Embryoscope
  20. Poor responders and PCO
  21. OHSS free ART clinic
  22. Observation of Oocyte pick up
  23. Third party reproduction, Surrogacy and Gamete Donation
  24. Regenerative medicine in infertility
  25. Endometriosis and ART
  26. Preimplantation Genetic Screening and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  27. All freeze and Fresh Embryo transfer cycles
  28. Fertility preservation and embryo freezing
  29. Hands on semen preparation/observing embryo biopsy, vitrification of oocytes /embryos and semen/oocyte/embryo thawing
  30. Quality maintenance in an IVF lab

Duration:15 days

Course Fee:NA

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Egmore, Chennai
Commander in Chief Road Ethirajsamy Salai, Next to Raddison Blu Egmore, Chennai-600 008



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