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Better Training for a Better Tomorrow

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Better Training for a Better Tomorrow

We know that there is no greater joy than conceiving our own child. We, at ARC International Research and Fertility Centre is striving constantly to erase all sorts of infertility issues in couples. Though the medical science has progressed and we are able to help a lot of people, there is a certain section of them who are deprived of the benefits of infertility treatments as well. Our focus is to bring them a blissful life by helping them conceive.

ARC conducts researches to find a comprehensive range of treatments that can elevate the treatments in use to the next level. We also offer courses for creating a better tomorrow for hundreds of childless couples. Here's a brief description of the fertility training courses we offer at the fertility training center in Tamilnadu.

  • FELLOWSHIP IN REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE: The course which is approved by IMA TN is a one-year fellowship in reproductive medicine. A class will be conducted on the first Sunday of every month apart from the regular classes. There will be a total of 12 classes, 11 contact classes, and the last one will be an assessment.
    Duration: 1 year
    Course Fee: Rs.50000


  • CLINICAL ANDROLOGY: The course focuses on giving the basic idea and knowledge of clinical andrology and Laboratory andrology. The faculties will guide the students to familiarize with semenology and prepare semen samples.
    Eligibility: MBBS
    Duration: 3 months
    Course Fee: Rs.1,50,000


  • LAPAROSCOPIC AND HYSTEROSCOPIC TRAINING: The course focuses on giving an overall synopsis of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. The candidates
    will be following a continuous assessment program.
    Duration: 4 months


  • ADVANCED ART COURSE FOR EMBRYOLOGIST: The course objective is to produce the highest success rates of an IVF program and so the trainee is
    given a complete overview of the ART laboratory. The course will definitely help the apprentice improve the skills in the field of ART. Moreover, the mentors also work one-on-one with the candidates which will ensure quality.
    Duration: 15 Days
    Course Fee: Rs.1,00,000


  • VITRIFICATION TRAINING: The course provides an overall analysis of warming embryology and vitrification in ART laboratory. The candidates will
    be assessed regularly by the mentors.
    Duration:3 days
    Course Fee:50,000


  • TRAINING IN REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE: This is an advanced ART course for clinicians which provides an opportunity for "hands-on training". An extensive know-how of all aspects of the IVF cycle will be provided.
    Duration: 1 month

Join ARC International Research and Fertility Centre to gain a better knowledge of IVF program in every aspect.

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