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One Year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

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One Year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Infertility is one of the most common problems faced by couples these days. Infertility is treated through several advanced procedures; thereby the success rate is quite high. Surgical and non-surgical procedures like laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, IVF, IUI and many more procedures have proved to create wonders.

ARC is one such team which have successfully solved several critical cases through their advanced technology. As a practitioner, it is important that you update your skills by gaining knowledge about these advanced technologies. Keeping that in mind ARC is offering a 1-year course in Reproductive medicine for both beginners and experienced practitioners.


Why should you consider this course?


If you are thinking why you should opt for this one-year fellowship course, here the reasons below:

  • The course will help you to get knowledge about the different aspects of IVF and other infertility treatment. The IVF treatment has several things to consider such as the treatment evaluation and different testing methods. Through this course, students can gain full knowledge about the IVF treatment and its economic & ethical implications.
  • Apart from theoretical, lessons, the course also provides practical classes through live videos. Students are allowed to get practical knowledge in labs and clinics.
  • Not only fresher but also experienced practitioners can take this course to enhance their skills.
  • This course also teaches the various advancements of the IVF treatment. Starting from new technologies to advanced treatment procedures, the course teaches every new aspect of IVF treatment.

Why choose ARC International Fertility & Research Centre for this course?


ARC is one such fertility training centre in Tamil Nadu whose main is to provide constant support to young gynaecologists and medical practitioners. We are here to let you learn everything about advanced infertility treatments. The syllabus for this course is compact and crisp covering both practical and theoretical lessons.

Once you apply for this 1-year course, every guidelines and protocol related to this course will be provided to you. So if you want to pursue this course on the fellowship in reproductive medicine Tamil Nadu, apply now on our official website! Further procedures and requirements will be provided to you.

Mail us: info.fertilitytraining@gmail.com

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