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Date :2018-12-27 Writen By :Admin

One Year Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Infertility is one of the most common problems faced by couples these days. Infertility is treated through several advanced procedures; thereby the success rate is quite high. Surgical and non-surgical procedures like laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, IVF, IUI and many more procedures have proved to create wonders. ARC is one such team which have successfully solved several critical cases through their advanced technology. As a practitioner, it is important that you update your skills by gaining knowledge about these advanced technologies. Keeping that in mind ARC is offering a 1-year course in Repr

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Date :2018-10-31 Writen By :Admin

Advanced ART Course for Embryologist

Embryologists hold a significant role in infertility treatment. They are well trained in Assisted reproduction techniques. The clinical embryologist is a trained medical professional who specializes in handling infertility cases, making women to conceive and give birth. They use advanced, complex diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic treatments & equipment for the fertility process. The role of an Embryologist is involved with carrying tests to determine the medical capacity of a woman to carry a child and find out the reasons for why she is unable to conceive naturally. Then, they researc

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Date :2018-09-17 Writen By :Admin

Clinical Andrology Training

Infertility is such a common word nowadays because couples who desperately want to have children, but are unable to conceive naturally, their numbers are increasing day by day. Couples dream of having a baby together and when that seems impossible, it becomes a big trauma. Being childless is a bigger social stigma that nobody wants to go through. Infertility is truly heartbreaking for most people wanting to raise a family of their own. The word infertility brings forth the thoughts of a woman who cannot conceive. But there are a lot of cases where the male partner is infertile and needs tre

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Date :2018-07-16 Writen By :Admin

Better Training for a Better Tomorrow

We know that there is no greater joy than conceiving our own child. We, at ARC International Research and Fertility Centre is striving constantly to erase all sorts of infertility issues in couples. Though the medical science has progressed and we are able to help a lot of people, there is a certain section of them who are deprived of the benefits of infertility treatments as well. Our focus is to bring them a blissful life by helping them conceive. ARC conducts researches to find a comprehensive range of treatments that can elevate the treatments in use to the next level. We also offer cou

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